Choosing the Right Referral Program Software: 6 Key Considerations for Informed Decisions

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Danielle M.

Customer Success Coordinator

Choosing the Right Referral Program Software: 6 Key Considerations for Informed Decisions


    What is referral program software?

    When organizing referral marketing programs, the aim is to spend less than other traditional means of marketing your business, product, or service. This is why a referral program software solution exists. These programs make your referral marketing process as smooth as ever.

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    In case you are wondering what referral marketing is, it is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that eases your customer acquisition process. This form of marketing relies on existing customers to be brand ambassadors for your solution.

    How to choose the best referral program software for your online store:

    When looking for the best referral program software to manage your customer acquisition process, there are factors to consider to get value for your money.

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    While some referral program software has small businesses as their target market with their offers, there is referral marketing software that sacrifices affordability for premium functions like offering more than 10 languages. Some solutions have tools that sync seamlessly with major CRM platforms.

    How to choose the best referral program software that fits your brand:

    When searching for referral marketing software, you might find it difficult to choose what you consider “the best software” for you. Regardless of what your needs are, here are some considerations to make:

    1. User Experience: This is crucial when choosing a referral marketing software for your customer referral programs. Referral marketing software like Referral Factory helps you automate the process of customer acquisition. Some software lets businesses automate enrollment, tracking, rewarding, and managing the entire referral marketing program.
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      Some of these referral software supports marketers in acquiring customers easier and faster than their competitors by creating solutions that maximize the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.

    2. Ease of Use: While some software provides a smoother overall user experience, others prioritize having an easy-to-use, no-coding-needed referral program software that helps businesses.

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      Solutions like Referral Candy are known to be easy to set up with little technical expertise.

    3. Reliability: Referral marketing programs like Friendbuy are known for their reliability, with their friendbuy widget templates, they have proven to be one of the most reliable software providers in the referral marketing community.
    4. Perks: Referral programs like Relavate allow you to manage more than just your referral campaigns. It also helps you set up a reliable software resale business.
      Some solutions allow you to empower resellers and affiliates to deliver more customers and profits while steering your business into growth.

      While most referral software allows you to have referral tracking software, some referral software allows you to sync with top CRM platforms.

    5. Pricing: What makes some referral programs better than others are the perks of signing up to make use of their service at a better-priced rate than their competitors.
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    6. Referral programs like Referral Rock allow businesses to get the same top-notch service that high-end referral marketing solutions like to fix at a much higher price.
      These are popular amongst small businesses on a budget looking to set up a referral program.

      Below are 10 popular referral program software you can use to manage your customer referral programs:

      Now that we know what referral marketing is, let’s return to our focus in this article. Referral program software that helps you manage your referral campaigns effectively.

      Typically, your referral campaign relies on program software that uses third-party integrations to automate your entire referral process. These third party integrations gives your business complete control in acquiring new customers while spending money on better

      We are focusing on some of the best referral program software development that will help you automate your entire referral process without needing coding experience and expertise.

      By providing templates that help you sort your messaging, state your offers, and automatically onboard new customers and partners, referral program software is crucial for your team’s efficiency. Below are our top 10 referral marketing software (in no particular order) to try:

      1. Referral Factory
      2. Referral Rock
      3. FriendBuy
      4. Ambassador
      5. Relavate
      6. Referral Candy
      7. InviteBox
      8. Vyper
      9. Extole
      10. InviteReferrals


      When running referral marketing, we want to have a seamless process that considers our audience’s needs during the entire process. While considering how automated or simple we want our process to look, it would be recommended to focus on pricing too.

      Typically, trying to figure out which referral marketing program works best for your client’s or personal business needs is dependent on one of the five categories we listed.

      The question is, what are you willing to sacrifice for the success of your low-cost customer acquisition process?

    Danielle M.

    Customer Success Coordinator

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    Danielle is a dedicated Customer Success Coordinator with a flair for orchestrating optimal workflows for customers. She is well-versed in partner management.

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