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The one platform to build and power partnerships to grow your software

  • Partners can register deals, ask questions, and access support resources all in one place
  • Track the status of each lead and provide partners with insights to help close more software sales
  • Automatically calculate commissions and reward partners for every approved deal won
  • Workflow to capture and respond to referrals from partners through a partner portal or lead form
  • Both you and your referral partners can track and monitor referrals for complete visibility and transparency
  • Set a reward structure for referral partners and automate payouts
  • Receive leads via personalized tracking links, coupon codes, custom lead forms or landing pages
  • Automatically or manually accept/decline leads based on set rules to ensure quality
  • Set a reward structure based on impressions, clicks, sign-ups, or revenue generated and automate payouts to partners
  • Scale faster by empowering partners to handle your customer’s software implementation
  • Send implementation requests to partners, track agreements, and assign payouts for successful product implementations
  • Complete workflow with visibility across customer implementations, including implementation tasks and timelines to optimize client onboarding
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Relavate works seamlessly with the sales and marketing tools you’re already using

Relavate slots into your familiar processes with no-code integrations into your existing software tools and apps. Our Zapier integration or open API means you can automatically sync leads and deals to your CRM software, or integrate partner information and commissions into your accounting system. All the insights and data you need on your partner relationships, wherever and whenever you need it in a partner relationship management system.

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Relavate is built for software vendors
and partners of all types

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Sales-led software

Scale your salesforce through a partner network to grow your sales pipeline with our deal & pipeline management functionality

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Software resellers

Leverage your distribution channel and access full tracking & attribution with automated payout calculations from partners

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Self-service software

Setup marketing automation and empower partners with the resources they need to drive self-sign up to your software our workflow management

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Service providers

Maximize revenue opportunities from your customers and business partners by selling them software with implementation, training and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

A partner relationship management tool is a cloud-based platform designed to facilitate collaboration and communication within businesses and their partners. It encompasses lead distribution, content management, promotions, sales, and pricing analytics, providing a dedicated portal for managing partner teams. A prm tool, like Relavate, automates various activities, including partner onboarding, training, and performance management, to streamline processes and drive business success.

Partner relationship management software, like Relavate, automates partner onboarding, providing automated welcome flows, assistance with frequently asked questions, and efficient placement of partners into dedicated portals. This contributes to efficient business processes, saves time, allowing businesses to focus on other essential aspects of partner relationships and program growth.

Yes, partner relationship management solutions, such as Relavate, serve as comprehensive partner management platforms, enabling businesses to manage multiple partners seamlessly. These solutions cater to diverse partner programs, including affiliate and referral programs and resell and implementation partners, by offering features such as lead distribution, deal registration, and collaborative tools for partner teams, ensuring a unified approach to partner management.

Partner relationship management software like Relavate focuses on managing the complexities of partner programs, channel partners, and collaborative business processes. It complements customer relationship management (i.e. Hubspot, Salesforce or Pipedrive) by handling deal registration, lead distribution, and sales team collaboration in both partner and customer ecosystems. Together, these platforms create a comprehensive approach to managing relationships and driving overall business success. Relavate integrates directly with other crm tools.

The four lifecycles of partner management include: 1) Partner Recruitment: Identifying and bringing new partners into the ecosystem; 2) Partner Onboarding: Assisting new partners with the onboarding process, including training and certification; 3) Partner Enablement: Providing partners with resources, tools, and dedicated portals for effective collaboration, and 4) Partner Performance Management: Evaluating and managing the performance of partners, including communication, collaboration, and tracking sales metrics.

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