How to Start Reselling Software? Beginners Guide

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Danielle M.

Customer Success Coordinator

How to Start Reselling Software? Beginners Guide


    Software reselling business is a brilliant business opportunity that allows software resellers to resell software products without investing in their development. Online software resale businesses have a wider scope as compared to other SaaS companies where one has to keenly work on software development and its maintenance before putting it to sell.

    Showing How To Start Reselling Software For Your Business Growth

    To kickstart your career as a software reseller, you must consider the crucial aspects of the resale business.

    This article is designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to keenly understand the concrete roadmap on how to start reselling software. It carries a detailed description of every step that leads to help you become a successful software reseller in an online marketplace.

    What is a Software Reseller?

    A software reseller refers to the domain where a company buys software from other software companies or developers and resells it as a third party. Software reseller companies grow faster pursuing the needs of their potential customers via up-selling and cross-selling tactics. Let’s move on to how to start reselling software.

    Is it Worth Starting a Software Reselling Business?

    Yes! Starting a software reselling business is a worthwhile and profitable business opportunity. Becoming a software reseller allows you to bypass the complex journey of developing complicated software. In the software reselling business, you just need to execute an exceptional online reselling business model to earn high-profit margins.

    Do Software Resellers Pay Sales Tax?

    The software reselling business also integrates sales taxes

    Like other businesses, software reselling business also integrates sales taxes. A software reseller has to pay taxes while buying software products. Hence, it is also applied to end users which means that they will get that tax back on reselling to the customers even as a third party.

    How to Start Reselling Journey as a Software Reseller

    Software online resale business is an amazing business opportunity that equips you with reselling software products without going through the complex mechanism of developing them.

    Many software resellers get disappointed at the beginning of their career because of the unawareness of the right path to becoming a successful reseller.

    Below are the key steps on how to start reselling and becoming a distinctive software reseller.

    1. Apply for EIN

    When you are going to kickstart your career as a potential software reseller, you must apply for an EIN. This is the initial process of how to start reselling software. It stands for Employer Identification Number, which gives you a unique professional identity as a software reseller.

    A business needs an EIN; without this, you might experience an inconvenience when your small business starts expanding. On the flip side, this step will add remarkable value to your online resale business.

    2. Obtain Your Reselling License

    Reselling License Is The Major Part of How To Start Reselling Software

    Obtaining a reselling license is the key to success in the online reselling business. You must acquire this license to maintain a satisfactory customer experience. Being an authenticated software reseller, you must own all the necessary documentation for your eCommerce business. Among these, a reselling license is a must for any successful online reseller. Whether it is an e-commerce online store or a dropshipping business, your license will verify your authentication boosting your growth.

    3. Establish Your Own eCommerce Business

    An online reselling business requires an appropriate digital identity to stay in the online marketplace. You must open your own shop to begin your e-commerce online resale business. Online reselling is powered by personalized e-commerce stores. For this purpose, you need to buy a business domain where you would be able to resell your software products professionally.

    4. Choose a Software Product

    Niche expertise in reselling business models may bring a revolutionary change. It is better to choose a high-demand software product for your reselling business for high profit margins. It is a low-risk way as compared to displaying a large number of unwanted products.

    This strategic way will reduce financial risks turning your business into a profitable business model. This is how you move forward with the how to start reselling software process.

    5. Approach Targeted Software Companies

    You Should Approach Targeted Software Companies

    Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, it’s supreme time to approach software companies. Start selling online to resell business grows as fast as it builds targeted links with selling companies.

    For instance, if your reselling business niche is based on PRM software solutions, you must approach top PRM software-selling companies like Relavate and Ziftone, etc.

    6. Select a Specific Reseller Business Model

    The selection of a potential reselling business model would help you meet your business objectives in the meantime. For example, you can acquire a SaaS reselling business model or opt for an affiliate marketing program.

    Appropriate business structure with target marketing helps you retain more customers. Your garage sales strategy will have a greater impact on your revenue in the software reselling business.

    7. Target Your Audience

    You Must Target Curated Audience To Understand the Buying Habits

    Like direct selling, the reselling business also needs to target an audience. For this purpose, you need to understand the buying habits of your potential customers to generate target sales.

    Digital marketing is an effective strategy to attract customers with customized sales saving money. Also, many resellers run customer loyalty programs to achieve success in the online reselling business.

    8. Start Reselling

    After going through all the aforementioned steps, your online software reselling business is just ready to generate revenue. You must add value to your software reselling business over time by hunting more reliable suppliers and retailers.

    Also, you can make your online reselling e-commerce platform as a multi-purpose online store including your own software products along with reselling software goods.

    Final Remarks

    The world has dynamically changed its business norms. Currently, businesses have shifted to digital databases where you can establish your customized e-commerce stores link them with your business bank account, pay sales tax, and start selling online.

    However, reselling businesses require a resale permit where they need to seek permission from the relevant SaaS company to resale their products. The integration of customized reselling business ideas helps reselling businesses to grow faster.

    Software reselling business is an amazing business idea but its successful execution requires consistent efforts. You must acquire a reselling license before launching your services. Like a thrift store, your software reselling business also requires digital marketing efforts to boost its growth.

    You need to build and maintain loyal relationships with your customers to flourish your reselling business growth. Following the step-by-step guidance integrated into this article will help you run a successful software reselling business.

    Danielle M.

    Customer Success Coordinator

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    Danielle is a dedicated Customer Success Coordinator with a flair for orchestrating optimal workflows for customers. She is well-versed in partner management.

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