5 Proven Strategies for How to Make Money Selling Software

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Danielle M.

Customer Success Coordinator

5 Proven Strategies for How to Make Money Selling Software


    Looking for ways to sell software online and making money selling software? Look no further as our 5 proven strategies will make your life easier as a software reseller. It isn’t only about software creation but also how you sell software online and market your services. So, let’s look at it from various aspects and make money selling software online!

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    5 Steps for How to Make Money Selling Software Online

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    Want to know how to make money selling software? Selling software online isn’t an easy task. But we have some proven strategies through which you can sell software online to make money. So, let’s check them out!

    Connect Brand Identity with the Target Audience

    One of the most important aspects of selling software online is creating a good marketing strategy. For this, you have to align your brand identity with the target audience.

    The whole marketing should revolve around what your software program does and how it helps the audience. Market your software as the ultimate solution to the problem you created it for.

    To connect with the target audience, map out the search patterns of the audience and create buyer personas. Develop a coherent brand identity and design – something that people can figure out from afar.

    Keep an Eye on the Competitors

    One of your goals should be to outdo your competitors and bring something unique to the market. If your software is entirely new and innovative, it is a perfect opportunity to make money selling software.

    However, for services with pre-existing competition in the market, it is crucial to have a unique selling point. You can’t sell an already existing service and expect it to flourish. So, make sure, you understand your competitors and their products. Then, add a unique element that makes your software program stand out. This is one of the most important steps of selling software online.

    Check out how your competitors market their products. You can also test their products to understand their interface better. This can help you figure out any lackings in your own services.

    Enhance Your Online Presence

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    Take full advantage of social media and start marketing campaigns. Before launching your software, hype it up so much on social media platforms that everyone gets excited to use it.

    You can hire a dedicated marketing team to do this for you or approach various social media influencers. But make sure that their audience matches with your target audience so they can be your potential customers.

    Make sure to build a user-friendly website with all the required information about your software. It will work as an online store. Highlight the key features and unique aspects of your software on the landing page to attract customers. Make full use of SEO (search engine optimization).

    You should also create social media pages for your software such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, etc.37.9%of respondents in a survey agreed that they purchase through social media advertisements.

    Create reels for Instagram and TikTok to attract a larger audience. Don’t shy away from adding humor as it increases the relatability factor and engages more audience hence benefiting the entire business.

    Another way to enhance your online presence is by adding a blog section to your website and posting a blog post twice or thrice a week. The blog post can be related to your software, how it works, how it can benefit the customers, etc. With time, you can extend your niche market and target the blog posts to more products.

    Check out the websites of different SaaS companies to see how they have managed their websites.

    Offer Free Trials and Demos

    express vpn software websites free trial

    Everyone loves a free trial. In fact, free trials give an average conversion rate of48.8%.When a product is new in the market, the audience always wants to try it out before spending any money. That’s why free trials have a high conversion rate.

    The free trial should be at least 7 days long so the customers can fully get the experience of the software. Some companies offer a free trial of one month as well.

    Establish a 3-Tier Price Plan

    three-tier price plan for selling software products

    Not everyone wants the advanced and amazing features your software offers. Some people just want to get basic features and they would love to pay less money for it. Paying for features you aren’t going to use doesn’t seem promising.

    So, establish various price plans such as basic, business, and enterprise-level. The basic plan will be suitable for small businesses and individuals whereas the business and enterprise-level plans will work for medium-to-large-sized businesses.


    How to make money selling software online, you asked? It’s simple! All you have to do is market your own software business in the best possible way to sell software, establish a good marketing strategy and online presence, hire an amazing team, offer free trials, and establish a range of price plans. You can make money selling software when your service has a unique aspect that attracts the target audience. Sell software online in the right way by following our strategic guidelines!

    Danielle M.

    Customer Success Coordinator

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    Danielle is a dedicated Customer Success Coordinator with a flair for orchestrating optimal workflows for customers. She is well-versed in partner management.

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