What Are the Best Channel Partner Programs To Share?

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Danielle M.

Customer Success Coordinator

What Are the Best Channel Partner Programs To Share?


    The old-time system where SaaS companies are just quality-oriented has become obsolete. These companies have expanded to incorporate the different opportunities globally available for greater business and investment. This is where the best channel partner programs come in.

    The best SaaS partner programs embrace a much broader ecosystem for any business that is ready to take up the opportunity for growth and expansion; helping one another grow and achieve an increased revenue in the long run. Different B2B businesses realized how much this could benefit their business, and thus the creation of SaaS partnerships.

    Today, we’ll talk about the best channel partner programs that boost company productivity in SaaS and other industries.

    What Is Channel Partner Program?

    Understanding The Channel Partner's Business Model

    The channel partner programs are a coming together of different B2B companies to strategically coordinate their sales, product, marketing, and schemes for a reliable and recurring revenue source.

    Through the partner’s success, they have efficiently and effectively controlled and managed such an enormous partner ecosystem. The different existing partner programs vary based on their operating goals and objectives that are geared toward recurring revenue and expansion.

    Some of these partner programs include:

    • Affiliate.
    • Referral.
    • Reseller.
    • Integration.

    Best Channel Partner Programs For SaaS, B2B, and Affiliate Program Tiers

    An affiliate partner takes advantage of their audience to generate quality leads and sales for its other partner. The partner receives a unique affiliate link that is tracked to monitor the transactions.

    For every closed deal or qualified lead, the company receives a commission from that partner.


    HubSpot - Software, Tools, Resources for Your Partner Program Business

    Hubspot SaaS partners which are among the world’s biggest telecom operators offer their services to a wide range of B2B companies. It is considered one of the best channel partner programs.

    Their partner program has three parts:

    • Marketing Agencies partner, that aids agencies that provide inbound marketing services.
    • Integration partners, which assist companies with the incorporation of their technology with Hubspot software.
    • Sales Partners, which are responsible for CRM service providers and sales teams who are interested in earning commission from the sale of Hubspot services.

    The Hubspot affiliate program comes with several benefits which include:

    • 20% monthly referral commission throughout a customer’s first year.
    • Guidance from a dedicated partner manager.
    • Access to affiliate sales training and toolkits and public listing in their partner inventory.

    Most importantly, the program enables a partner to build high-quality leads and customer success by increasing site value and partner engagement, hence, a stream of more revenue.


    Pipedrive: Sales CRM & Partner Program Pipeline Management Software

    Pipedrive works with an activity-based selling philosophy. It is designed to help website publishers, VCs, influencers, or any business with an interest in earning from Pipedrive via referral commissions. For its unique and friendly operation facility, it is placed on this best channel partner programs list.

    The Pipedrive partner program has the following advantages:

    • It does not require any sign-up fee or minimum sales.
    • Members have access to a 33% referral commission for their first year followed by a 20% commission for life.
    • They sell top-rated products.
    • Their services have no restrictions. Any interested person is free to partner with them.
    • Partners have access to their portal and resource center.

    Best SaaS Referral Channel Partner Programs

    The SaaS referral program uses the referral strategy where new clients are gained by partners through their relationships with other tech partners or customers. Word-of-mouth marketing, which is the basis of the referral program has turned out to be very effective as it is not just reliable, but also, economical. In addition, it has proven to drive massive sales and generate more leads.


    Zendesk: Customer Service, Channel Partnership Software & Sales CRM

    Zendesk is designed to help businesses build an effective online presence, widen their knowledge base, and provide a feasible customer service partner portal. These are made possible through the different customizable tools in their management system.This is why Zendesk is one of the best channel partner programs.

    Zendesk partner program framework gives room for businesses to plan and prioritize value to achieve greater rewards. That way, there is an increased profit margin through recurring revenues and an opportunity for reinvestment.

    Partners tend to enjoy the following:

    • Referral commission.
    • Partners enjoy first-hand support and online sales training.
    • It creates sponsorship opportunities.
    • Access to a committed partner manager.

    Best SaaS Reseller Channel Partner Program

    A reseller partner program involves a partner in the entire sales process from the generation of leads down to closed deals. Reseller partners sell products by giving other partner products their identity. Because they are in charge of the entire sales cycle, they tend to earn a greater reward when compared to other partner programs.


    Formstack: All-in-One Channel Partner Program Workflow Automation Software

    FormStack is a platform that provides solutions to tasks that hampers a community’s growth. Businesses can create essential documents, e-signatures, and other custom forms without needing a tech expert or programmers.

    The Formstack partner program functions by augmenting Formstack’s product for improved market and client satisfaction.

    Some of their benefits include:

    • Training and business collaboration with certifications.
    • Reseller and referral option.
    • A committed sales team.

    The above unique facilities and the benefits have made FormStack one of the best channel partner programs.

    Vena Solutions

    Vena Solutions: A Complete Channel Partner Planning Platform Natively Integrated With Microsoft 365

    Vena Solutions is a financial management tool that can produce reports and prediction models from financial databases in real-time. Medium to large-sized businesses utilize Vena solutions in their financial joint business planning automation and business forecast.

    The Vena partner program gives partners access to the necessary information to advance their business and build a better relationship with customers through improved experience and all the needed support and services for their general business growth.

    Vena partner program enjoys:

    • À highly connected system integrators.
    • Access to a community of Vena professionals and intellectuals.
    • Access to Vena content portal, and public information for partnership.
    • Vena support, expertise, and every tool needed for enhancing your business growth.

    The above professional facilities and the advantages have made Vena Solutions one of the best channel partner programs.

    Best SaaS Integration Channel Partner Programs

    Integration channels help partners provide solutions to their own partners’ problems without the need to create new product features, which is bound to save time and is equally cost-effective. Integration partners enjoy a better customer experience and retention through an improved product experience as they can have easy access to data between different products.


    Relavate: A Complete Partner Relationship Management Software

    Relavate is a cloud-based platform that provides a one-time automated and organized system for product resell, referral, affiliate, and implementation among partners. The functional system of the partner program aims to simplify the method of product sharing, buying, and selling for customer success and revenue growth.

    Core benefits of the Relavate partner program include:

    • Zero sign-up charge; it’s free.
    • An easy and effective system for onboarding new partners, partnership management, and making available resources needed for effective product sales.
    • Partner portal to register deals and manage pipeline.
    • Unlimited access to monitor and analyze partner’s (customers) success across all channels.
    • Custom reward program to compensate partners and motivate them for greater revenue achievement.

    The above amazing features and advantages have made Relavate one of the best channel partner programs.


    As much as SaaS partner programs are very vital for business growth and expansion, choosing the right partner program that suits your company is also a valid factor.

    A proper SaaS partner program will largely improve your company’s revenue, create a good online presence, improve networking, and easy access to data and its exchange which will invariably generate more leads and enhance the entire SaaS company growth.

    Danielle M.

    Customer Success Coordinator

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    Danielle is a dedicated Customer Success Coordinator with a flair for orchestrating optimal workflows for customers. She is well-versed in partner management.

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