Comparing the Top 10 Best Software Partner Programs

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Lee R.

Customer Success Manager

Comparing the Top 10 Best Software Partner Programs


    A powerful and well-executed partner program is crucial for the success of a SaaS company. It enables you to market and sell your services or products by partnering with other SaaS companies within or outside of your industry. It involves designing a market expansion strategy to reach wider audiences, extend customer base, and increase revenue.

    Comparing the Top 10 Best Software Partner Programs

    However, it is not easy for partnership managers to launch a well-crafted and well-implemented partner program. Also, lifting the program from the ground and proving its value to executives is incredibly difficult.

    The goal of this discussion is not to frighten you. But, to share some inspiration from the best software partner programs that can be top growth drivers for your business.

    What is A SaaS Partner Program?

    A SaaS partner program is invaluable for businesses seeking a competitive edge over others. It offers a systematic way through which SaaS companies establish mutually beneficial partner relationship management with different partners. They can be influencers, agencies, or other SaaS companies that set up a partner program to drive better business results.

    Partner programs can be of many types. Affiliate marketing programs, reseller partnerships, reseller marketing programs, customer ambassador programs, technology partnerships, etc. Companies launch such referral partner programs to close more deals and drive traffic, sales, and qualified leads.

    SaaS partners join the program by signing a contract to promote SaaS partner relationship management software. They are not the company’s employees but rather work as independent organizations. They receive rewards, commissions, bonuses, or special discounts in exchange for their services.

    A software partner program enables you to:

    • Increase brand awareness.
    • Collaborate with multiple companies.
    • Leverage the strength of your business.
    • Grab co-branding and joint marketing opportunities.
    • Provide better services and products to your customers.
    • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
    • Access cutting-edge technology, tools, and resources.
    • Improve upselling and cross-selling to boost revenue opportunities.
    • Access marketing materials and a larger pool of customers.

    Top 10 Best SaaS Partner Programs to Model Your PRM Software and B2B Sales Strategy

    Below are listed the top 10 real-life examples of the best software partner programs you can use for inspiration. Let us explore what is making them achieve significant success in the market.

    1. HubSpot:

    HubSpot Is A Software, Tools, Resources for Your Business Management

    Hubspot is an all-in-one CRM platform that empowers marketers to attract and satisfy more customers. It is an inbound marketing and sales software that delivers a best-in-class customer experience by providing a comprehensive suite of resources and tools.

    You can utilize HubSpot’s powerful solutions to:

    • Nurture customer relationships.
    • Drive high-quality leads and customers.
    • Optimize lead generation.
    • Achieve remarkable business success.

    Benefits of Using HubSpot’s Own Partner Program:

    • Guidance from the dedicated affiliate partners manager.
    • Training and partner certification.
    • Easy partner access to Hubspot Solutions partner directory.
    • Co-marketing and co-branding opportunities.
    • Automation of sales, marketing, and customer service tasks.

    2. FreshBooks:

    FreshBooks Is An Accounting Software Built for Business Owners and Accountants

    FreshBooks is an invoice and accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It automates key roles of your business such as time tracking, invoicing, payment collection, and expense reporting. It also enables generating links for partners and setting a reward structure to earn for each sale.

    You can utilize FreshBooks solutions to:

    • Add big value and grow your business.
    • Make your small business quick, organized, and secure.
    • Track and manage day-to-day business finances.
    • Save time and improve cash flow.
    • Maintain a professional image with a polished look.

    Benefits of Using FreshBooks Comprehensive Partner Program:

    • Integrated payment processing options.
    • Cloud accounting feature to enable data storage and access from anywhere around the world.
    • Create professional invoices that exactly show the work you do.

    3. Semrush:

    Semrush is a digital marketing software company designed to make online marketing easy. It equips marketers with advanced and comprehensive tools to streamline SEO, advertising, and content marketing. Because of its cutting-edge solutions, Semrush is often listed in the best software partner programs.

    You can use the Semrush Partner Program to:

    • Find a best-fit digital marketing partner for your business.
    • Make your agency more visible around the world.
    • Optimize client’s digital strategies.
    • Run competitive analysis.
    • Drive organic traffic.
    • Achieve desired results.

    Benefits of Using Semrush Agency Partner Program:

    • Free PR opportunities.
    • More eyes on your business.
    • Qualit inbound leads.
    • Show proficiency and build trust with your customers.

    4. Hotjar Partner Program:

    Hotjar is a feedback and analytics platform that enables business managers to track and optimize user experience on their websites. Through its Hotjar Partner Program, SaaS partners get amazing opportunities to access and explore powerful analytics solutions.

    You can utilize the Hotjar Partner Program to:

    • Enhance your service offerings.
    • Deliver exceptional customer experience.
    • Help clients get valuable insights.

    Benefits of using the Hotjar Partner Program:

    • Free platform training for all existing partners.
    • Product updates and new features.
    • Partner enablement to participate in several comarketing initiatives.

    5. SalesForce:

    Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM or SaaS partner program platform

    Salesforce is a reliable SaaS partner platform for businesses to drive growth and gain customer loyalty. It offers a Salesforce Consulting Partner Program with top-tier implementation and consulting services. A Salesforce partner offers these services to help clients explore and leverage the full potential of the platform.

    You can use the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program to:

    • Enhance customer engagement.
    • Streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.
    • Save valuable time in closing more deals.
    • Boost business success.

    Benefits of using the Salesforce Partner Program:

    • Get professional services from a recognized SaaS company expert in tasks crucial for digital marketers. For instance, high-end sales enablement, marketing automation, and CRM roles.
    • Partner access to sales and marketing enablement materials.
    • Access to a dedicated Partner Learning Camp to improve sales and customer relationships.

    6. Survicate:

    Survicate is survey software that helps businesses effortlessly tap into customer insights. It is a preferred tool for getting customer feedback and insights because of its effortless setup, integration partners, and customization features. With its Survicate Partner Program comes an excellent opportunity for partners to earn on each referral.

    You can use the Survicate Partner Program to:

    • Automate every step of the user journey.
    • Get valuable insights from your surveys in minutes instead of weeks.

    Benefits of using the Survicate Partner Program:

    • Avail an unmatched chance of earning from promoting a top-notch survey tool.
    • Receive 20% revenue upon each new customer referral.
    • Access to top-tier tools for feedback and analysis.
    • Amplified referral activities through exclusive access to promotional materials and resources.
    • Continuous support and training to ensure your customer success as a partner.
    • Integration partners with your favorite tools.

    7. Relavate:

    Relavate enable, track & reward partners to sell and scale your software

    Relavate is one of the best all-in-one SaaS partner program examples that empowers channel partners to drive more customers and revenue. From partner onboarding and management to payouts and compensation, it automates each stage of the pipeline.

    You can use the Relavate Partner Program to:

    • Broaden your salesforce.
    • Generate more leads that convert.
    • Increase your brand awareness.
    • Scale business growth.

    Benefits of using Relavate:

    • Personalized partner portals to track and display all partner activities.
    • Assistance at every step of your SaaS partnership programs journey.
    • Hundreds of support resources and guides to build a comprehensive partner knowledge base.

    8. Pipedrive:

    Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM and pipeline management software. It is centered around helping small sales teams in managing intricate sales processes. The platform also features a Pipedrive Affiliate Program for industry influencers, website publishers, trade groups, or incubators. Basically, any business interested in earning commissions from referrals can join this program.

    You can use the Pipedrive Affiliate Program to:

    • Enable businesses to plan and track sale activities.
    • Monitor closed deals.
    • Set your pipeline stages.
    • Better focus on your sales activities like calls, emails, lunch, or meetings.
    • Track conversion rates and real-time reports to meet your targets.

    Benefits of using the Pipedrive Affiliate Program:

    • Automation of repetitive administrative tasks.
    • Get full visibility and control of your schedule.
    • Generate more leads straight into your sales pipelines.

    9. Kalaviyo Partner Agency Program:

    Kalaviyo is a global marketing automation platform that turns customer data into growth. It does so by empowering marketers to generate personalized and targeted campaigns. The platform also features a Kalavio Partner Program for digital marketing agencies to provide them:

    • Matchless email marketing solutions.
    • Drive conversions.
    • Get higher conversion rates.
    • Increase revenue share.

    You can use the Kalaviyo Partner Program to:

    • Grow customer lifetime value and sales.
    • Get peer benchmarks to check how you progress against similar brands.
    • Reach exactly the people you want.
    • Get comprehensive customer profiles to understand them better.

    Benefits of using the Kalaviyo Partner Program:

    • The SaaS partner program enables you to earn more profit.
    • Dedicated channel account manager.
    • Ongoing customer support.
    • Multi-channel performance dashboards to create reports and schedule them at specified intervals.

    10. Zendesk

    Zendesk Is One Of The Best Software Partner Programs For Customer Service Software & Sales CRM

    Zendesk offers comprehensive customer solutions to build long-lasting relationships. It ensures long-term loyalty by offering features that make the customer feel like the only one. It also features a flexible partner program using which businesses can plan values and rewards based on each partner’s contributions.

    You can use the Zendesk Partner Program to:

    • Give your customers an unforgettable experience.
    • Maximize your ROI (it saves you both time and money).
    • Improve time to value by sorting customers’ problems right away.

    Benefits of using the Zendesk Partner Program:

    • Earning through referral commissions.
    • Constant support and training.
    • Sponsorship opportunities.


    Software partner programs help businesses speed up growth, reach online global communities, and drive immense profits. They do so by providing innovative solutions, tools, resources, and training materials to business partners that further promote or sell their products or services. This guide enlists the top 10 best software partner programs you can rely on to achieve your business goals. They come with exclusive features and solutions for your business needs and requirements.

    Lee R.

    Customer Success Manager

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    A seasoned Customer Success Manager known for his unwavering dedication to ensuring client satisfaction. With a knack for building lasting relationships and a passion for problem-solving, Lee is committed to helping customers thrive.

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