How to Build an Affiliate Network with Software?

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Lee R.

Customer Success Manager

How to Build an Affiliate Network with Software?


    An affiliate program helps brands generate huge revenues and reach a larger audience. It gets easier when you have access to global affiliate marketers, marketing tools, tracking tools, etc. That’s where affiliate network software comes in!

    affiliate program software

    With affiliate management software, you can automate various tasks and enhance your own affiliate program. So, let’s find out how to build your own affiliate network using all the best affiliate marketing software!

    Why Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    Affiliate marketing programs work as a third-party marketplace to create a network between publishers and advertisers.16%of major eCommerce platforms in the US and Canada get their sales from affiliate marketing such as a referral program. The main purpose of an affiliate program is to increase a brand’s reach while the partners get commission.

    Brands start an affiliate marketing program for several reasons such as:

    The brand has a successful affiliate marketing program and wants to leverage its skills for further income increase.

    The brand wants to increase traffic to its website or service.

    The brand has a high customer retention rate and can afford continuous commissions for affiliate campaigns.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Affiliate Network Software

    affiliate marketing platform guide

    Choosing the right affiliate marketing platform is important to get maximum profits and reach for your brand and manage affiliates. That’s why we have a step-by-step guide to help you build a successful affiliate program. So, let’s get started!

    Define Your Objectives, Purpose, and Targets

    Before starting with the affiliate marketing strategies, define your goals. What is your target audience? What do you want to market and sell? What kind of affiliate relationships do you want such as a referral program? Do you want light on a particular service or product? What features do you want in the affiliate network software? Do you need a single affiliate program or multiple affiliate programs?

    Involve all the stakeholders to figure out the objectives and targets of the affiliate marketing campaigns. Consider aimed revenue, clicks, impressions, sales, average order value, leads, etc from each affiliate campaign you plan to run.

    Choose an Affiliate Marketing Software

    affiliate marketing software guide

    After setting your goals, it is time to choose a suitable affiliate marketing software. You can find various SaaS solutions in the market to run an affiliate program.

    Now, how can you choose an affiliate marketing software?


    Go for an innovative and modern affiliate marketing software consisting of all the features you need to run a personalized and suitable affiliate program for your business.

    Affiliate marketing software has many benefits such as increased productivity, fewer errors, more jobs done in less time, performance optimization, automated workflow, etc. You can find suitable affiliate programs on such platforms.

    Choose an affiliate marketing software that suits your budget.

    Customize and Set the Network

    customisating affiliate marketing program for customers

    Customize the commission system as per your requirements and start the affiliate program. You can add tracking metrics to manage affiliates. Through affiliate marketing software, you can run multiple affiliate programs in one go.

    Affiliate software solutions allow the recruitment of new partners for the programs. You can get access to a global database and choose partners to market your services and products globally. This way, your reach goes beyond your region.

    Save yourself from affiliate fraud by choosing trusted and experienced affiliate partners.

    Decide on what kind of affiliate marketing program you want to use such as a referral program, marketing through influencers, etc.

    Build a Reward System

    shopify reward system for affiliate marketing

    The reward system is what attracts suitable affiliate partners. To pay affiliates, you have to choose a system that benefits the partners the most and suits your budget as well. Some systems to pay affiliates include:


    Revenue Share Model

    Percentage Payment Programs


    This will be decided between you and your affiliate partners to pay affiliates. The affiliate marketer will go for your brand if they find the reward system beneficial for themselves resulting in huge affiliate sales.

    Provide Affiliate Marketing Collaterals

    marketing material for affiliate marketing

    The more you help to manage affiliates, the better the affiliate campaigns will go. Provide marketing materials relevant to your brand such as email templates, posters, social media banners, etc to the partners to run a successful affiliate marketing program.

    Readymade online marketing materials will enhance the productivity of your partners.

    Moreover, provide as much information about your service/product to the partners as you can. This way, the affiliates can market your product better leading to more impressions and actions.

    Track Performance and Get Results

    performance tracking for affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing software provides statistics and insights for the performance of the partner marketing program. They work as an affiliate tracking software. So, you can figure out where you and your partners are lacking and blooming. This helps you learn about real-time insights into your sales and future profits.


    Affiliate management software makes affiliate programs easier than ever. Affiliate sales make up a huge part of your company’s income and are a great source of growth and reach. Affiliate program management requires the precise strategies mentioned above. So, choose the best affiliate marketing software now and see your business flourish faster than ever!

    Lee R.

    Customer Success Manager

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